You said I couldn’t speak. Well now I’ll never open my mouth again

Enjoy the silence.

The worst part about it is the wait; the anticipation and worry as you await your fate.

Open Our Hearts

Cricket is the most widely watched sport in India- the BIS stated that 93% of Indian sports fans chose to watch cricket over other sports. This statistic should not be surprising, as for us Indians cricket is more than a sport. It is a way of life, a religion; a reason to live. Each one of us has a special place in our hearts devoted to the ‘gentleman’s game.’

India , India …As the chants of fans wearing the Tiranga echo in the stadiums, cricket becomes the vital force binding us together , reinforcing the feeling of nationalism in our souls.

With exposure to a variety of sports increasing , our support and love is shifting towards other sports like tennis, formula 1 racing , football and kabaddi. We are missing Kohli’s sixes while watching Messi, Lewis Hamilton and Nadal.

How would this impact our love for cricket ? I feel like just like in an Indian temple there is place for a variety of deities , every Indian heart too should make place for every shining sportsperson, whether they belong to cricket or not .

We will always worship the ground our cricket idols walk on , but it is time to cherish Hima Das , celebrate the vaults of Dipa Karmakar, cheer every bulls eye by Manu Bakher and every goal by Sunil Chhetri.

We Indians are large hearted , and it is time to open our hearts to champions and heroes from every sport.

The quiet one, the one you never noticed- she’s gone now. Her place is empty. Does it matter to you?